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Admin App for Office 365

Office 365 Admin is an app that allows for simple administration tasks in office 365.


Here is link to install this app on iOS 7+: Apple Store

For Windows Phone 8.1: Windows Store

And for Android 4.0+: Google Play


Office 365 app has 4 main functions:


1. Users

This application allows for simple user administration. You can create new users, edit existing ones or delete them.

My favorite function is adding new user directly from contacts.

To do this simple click on Add while viewing all existing users and choose Import Contacts, you will then automatically see all available contacts on the device and you can choose which one will be imported. Its not possible to import several users at once.

You can then edit the user, change domain, and configure password you can also edit license plan.

You can also edit all those settings at later point:


2. Health

You can on the go see health status for Office 365 services and get notifications about any changes, you can choose to disable those notifications.

3. Messages

This function shows news from Massage Center about issues and changes in Office 365. Notifications about planed changes are being published daily Office 365 should keep updated.

4. Support

Here you can submit and monitor status of you support tickets.


Because of then functionality being so limited for now, most of the functions in application are best suitable for small business administrators. The simplicity allows also non IT personnel to have basic control over their tenants. This application can be also used by administrators that want to have control over issues and changes in Office 365 on the go.

Microsoft is adding new functions and changes to their Cloud products daily so I guess that this application will also be upgraded in the future.


You can read more about Office 365 Admin App at Microsoft office Blogs.